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Simply Good Websites is a Web Design and Website Development Company based on Auckland's North Shore.
SGW also does Web Software design & development. For example, we built our own Flagship product, a simple to use program which can quickly automate your entire product catalogue on the web.
100% New Zealand Owned and Operated

Advanced Content Editor (ACE)

The 'Advanced' in the name means 3 important things:

  1. ACE is more than just a webpage editor - it is a set of tools to  edit anything and everything in your website.  In other words it is a content management system (CMS)
  2. Our Content Editor is constantly kept up to date so as to be able to provide the latest popular website features
  3. The Content Editor comes with online video tutorials and a user manual. People with reasonable computer experience have no trouble learning to use ACE.  But if there is ever something unusual or difficult, SGW happily provides friendly second-level support.  And in the event that even SGW cannot solve an issue, we have excellent support arrangements with the developers of the editor.

Please scan through this table of the powerful, intuitive and flexible features* for users of all experience levels.



Intuitive Interface

No HTML necessary. Ability to
preview pages in a browser as you work.

Toggle "html view" instantly - easy to use.
No clutter; no waiting.

Quick-Start Wizard

Set up a site in 3 easy steps

Skip Quick-Start Wizard option


Images, documents, maps,
audio & multi-media files...

Upload to and down load from dB tables, easy-add custom scripts...

Easy Text Editing

Add images, tables, links...simple right click menu for additional formatting

Cut & Paste from word, text files, spreadsheets.
Editor provides for easy 1, 2 or 3 column layouts without using tables.

Web Form Builder

Easy to use form editor,
automatically saves to database.
Collect visitor feedback

Upload custom forms or custom edit the forms created with the form editor. Customise confirmation email.

Site Navigation

Create auto-menus and navigation.

Manage custom menus, choose which pages are on- or off- menu, change the order of pages.

Design / Layout

Choose one or build your own
with the built-in template generator.

Upload custom templates

Powerful Create an unlimited number of pages
and sub-pages.
Many more features - including table searches, printable pages, email to a friend ....
Built in Help

Easy access to online video tutorials
and extensive User Manuals

Anyone who is familiar with Word and Excel can quickly teach themselves how to use ACE.
Optional shopping cart (fully integrated),
Secure logins (groups of users,
groups of pages), Blog Manager,
FAQ Manager, Event Calendar, eNewsletter, Photo Album,
Google Analytics
We can customise or build any functionality required. FTP access on request (subject to conditions)

* Some additional modules are an additional cost, please enquire


So what can you do with all of this power and capability?


Create, Delete and modify your WebSite Pages and Files:-

  • Consistent flexibility:
    You can modify, delete, or update the pages you create anytime you wish. You can even change the page names at any stage.
  • No generic, pre-defined page names:
    Whether it's "Products", "Golden Super Widget", or "Billy TestPage5493", you decide what works for your site.
  • Page-specific designs:
    You can use a single design template for your whole site, or assign different schemes to individual pages
  • Add content when you're ready:
    Create a page and compose its content in a single sitting, or just save it as blank and come back to it later. New pages are NOT visible on the website until you choose them to be.

Be Search Engine Friendly:

  • SEO friendly page names.
  • Ability to insert and edit all important meta data
  • Ability to edit image properties and set Alt Text field

Manage pages and files with a host of time-saving tools:

  • Create an unlimited number of site pages, and name them anything you want to
  • Instantly change regular site pages into eNewsletters or detail pages for Calendar events and Shopping Cart detail pages, and vica-versa
  • Upload images, documents, spreadsheets, custom code, and other files
  • Preview, download, delete, and rename site files through one easy interface.
  • Automatic organization of files lets you spend more time building your website, and less time hunting for the files you need.

Add rich, dynamic content to your site pages:

  • Copy and paste text and formatting from MicrosoftTM office documents - Word®, Excel®, powerpoint etc
  • Copy and paste text from any source
  • Create tables for layouts and charts with borders and background colors
  • Create multi-level lists with auto-numbering, bullet points, and indentions
  • Control alignment and properties of text, images, tables, and other objects
  • Visually separate sections of content with horizontal dividers
  • Link text and images to pages, files, email addresses, and other websites
  • Wrap paragraphs and text around images and tables
  • Change font types, colors, sizes, and styles

Drag-and-drop advanced features onto pages:

  • Pop-Up windows
  • Online forms
  • MP3, WAV, MOV, MPG, and AVI audio and video files
  • Printable Page Button
  • Email to friend button
  • Hit Counters
  • Documents and PDF files
  • Maps and directions
  • Photo albums with links

Collect visitor feedback with online forms:

  • Choose from pre-installed email feedback forms
  • Upload and use custom forms
  • Email collected data to a specified address(s)
  • Enable and customize automatic email receipts for submissions
  • Specify reply-to address, subject, and content of email receipt

Build or modify your own Web Forms:

  • Create online forms to collect visitor information
  • Use Forms Library functions with created forms
  • Collect data through single and multi-line text areas, all standard web boxes