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Plugging you into the World!
Don't you want your business website to be #1 in New Zealand, or even in the world?
Internet or Online or Website marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).. whatever you call it, SGW can do it - successfully for your business website
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SGW Marketing Examples

For the companies belowe, SGW has done Search Engine Optimisation.  This is why I am in this business - it gives me a deep feeling of pride to see my client's websites succeeding.

Try any of the Search Phrases below in your Browser....
(Triple click or CTRL+A to select all of a phrase)
...and Look for our Client Company
in the results
Page Ranking
transport boat Boat Haulage
#1 in the world
hotel school
hotel management school
Pacific International
Hotel Management School

#1 in the world
PPE rope
mussel rope system
mussel ropes
Quality Equipment
#1 in the world for most of their products. 
On page 1 for most of the balance
thyroid  Thyroid Information
#1 in New Zealand
insulation auckland
insulation company auckland
Auckland Insulation Services
Page 1 of Google

It has been said that over 80% of websites don't even get found ... so what makes the difference?  Simply put - SGW does.

You can have the best looking website in your market, but if your potential customers can't find it - it just wont work.  It's a bit like having a shop with no passing trade - you need to advertise.   Online marketing does just what you need - it helps your customers find your website.

Why wouldn't you Contact Us now if you are serious about making your website work?